Audax Project Development and Growth - 2

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The Audax Project Team is asking for the continued support of the AUDAX community and especially Masternode owners for the proposal detailed below. The proposal covers the next 3 months (3 proposal cycles). For each of these cycles, the requested amount of funding is 80,000 AUDAX, bring the total to 240,000 AUDAX over 3 months.

Please take some time to go through the specifics of the proposal.

As always, many thanks for your support.

This is a proposal that will span all the cycles in the current quarter (3 months).

The Audax Project Team is requesting for funds to meet some expenses and help keep the project running over the next quarter.

To be clear, at the current market price of AUDAX, the funding being requested will not meet the expenses expected to be incurred over the period under consideration. However it will go a long way in helping meet some of the costs associated with running the project.

Running costs include but may not be limited to:

  • VPS costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Bounty rewards
  • Development and design costs
  • Discord Server Moderator salaries
  • Promotional materials

The Audax team developers are working constantly on road-map projects, and while the funds being requested monthly over the next quarter will not meet current market fees for developers (or indeed all of the items listed above), whatever we can reasonably afford to pay them will be much appreciated. This quarter, 2 milestones will hopefully be reached - the delivery of a masternode sharing service as well as the first of 2 planned marketplaces - the Audax Services marketplace. Significant time and efforts continue to be put into the development ans testing of these mini-projects.

The project team is requesting a monthly amount of 100,000 AUDAX over the next 3 months, a total of 300,000 AUDAX. A new proposal will be put in at the beginning of the next quarter, if required, for that quarter's funding.

We are asking masternode owners to please vote for this proposal in order to contribute to what is required by the team support the vision of the project.


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